It Is Good To Be Called Childish And You Should Feel Proud To Be A Child Like?

How often you have heard this statement?

Hey! Stop behaving like a child.

Very often, right!

I get to hear this very often even though I am a grown up father of a 6 year old daughter. How do you react to this statement? For me it is a fun and makes me feel proud to be compared with a child. Because,

I strongly feel that:

To be like a child is like being alive to everything around, it keeps you excited and open to every kind of possibility

Let’s understand 2 important life lessons which you can learn from your own kids and from any child around for that matter, which kind of will help you grow more as an adult and can inspire you to live more and love more.

Lesson 1-

You Understand The Value Of Not Knowing and Try To Learn:

I am so amused everytime i see my daughter doing things. She never claims to know everything in fact, she questions everything and try to figure out why? Around her queries to find the answer. And if she is not able to find it, she comes to me to bombard with her insane queries. No, I am not irritated infact It helps me to learn a few new things which i would have not learned otherwise. You know what? The beauty of being a child is that they are always open to new things and never hesitate to try & learn. This habit of a child should be picked up by every grown up, if they really want to see themselves growing and achieving larger goals in their life.

Therefor I very Often Quote:

“ This attitude that it’s ok not to know will open doors for all the knowings of the unknown “

So from now on if someone say you are behaving like a child, You should feel proud to see yourself alive to new things and growing.

You never grow old if a child is alive within you

Lesson 2:


For Child Nothing Is Impossible and So Should Be The Case For You-

Have you closely observed your child? They never seem to give up if they want to do something, they are extremely patient, they constantly try even though they fail multiple times. Sometime the task they are trying to achieve is not possible to be done at their small age, but they anyway give a try until their parents or any adult intervene and stops them from doing so.

Have you ever wondered why it happens? It is because they do not think about the outcome, what is important for them is to try to attain to their queries which has kind of challenged them. They are a fearless soul who has no fear of loosing as they having nothing to gain. It’s just their desire to try, which fires them up and gives them immense pleasure of trying things.

We adult need to increase our consciousness level and be receptive to our child’s activity to learn. Next time when you want to do something which seems impossible, seek inspiration from these small kids and attempt it, so what if you fail, you must be proud for at least trying. I can bet, you will be blissful from deep within and that should make you feel like a real warrior who fought bravely.

Therefore, I always say:

“ It is better to be a life long student and keep learning new things like a child, then to be an expert in one field of a life “

Your Responsibility As A Grown Up-

I would like to sign-off with a small request to all you lovely parents, when I say that you should learn from your child the art of seeing everything as a possibility, it’s also very important that you are not curtailing your child’s aspiration to learn things by uttering this precarious statement:

You Can’t Do It, Instead, say You Can! So that when they grow up they do not grow with this fear of loosing and always play this battle of life like a true player who always play to win but is never disappointed to lose

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