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The Day When I broke the shackles To Set Myself Free of Fear ?

15th October : Foundation Was Laid : You all must be wondering what’s special in it? Truly, this is not the date of any importance to public as it is not a public holiday , but hold on, before you make up your mind or start making any guesses. This date is of some importance if you are among the one’s who decided to break the wall of fear and started up to chase you desired goal. Yes, this date can be an inspiration for all those rebels who rejected all the commandments…

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Work : A Matter of Choice 

Image Credit Our entire life is an outcome of choices we make , so why not make it wisely and have your back on it. Very often we come across this question in our life and i would like to help you out in decoding this dilemma with a small Story  :- Peter (Fictional )used to be very unconventional about everything he does right from his childhood , when he was studying , he loved to escape and go hitch-hiking, long-road trip was a kind of fun for him , he was good at sports & adventure , average at…

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Why Do You Even Exist , What’s your “PURPOSE” ?

Find Your Purpose :- When any organisation/startup comes into existence & decides to embark on this mystical journey with some immensely talented individuals , the most important questions which everyone in the organisation should care & discuss about is , Why we all as a combined entity exist , what’s the purpose of our existence as an organisation and as an individual for that matter, what’s that urging us everyday to gather at common place and perform our duties without failing , is it the money ? or is it the well being of your…

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How to Build a Dream Business

  Building a product or business needs meticulous planning which needs to be relevant to current market dynamics and has to be futuristic too. Having said that , its important to understand that this will not happen overnight , it requires a lot of investments in terms of time, energy, money & people. But its possible if done with right kind of mindset and vision in place. Here i will try to make my case by a story which may resonate with every old & new age entrepreneur and can be a…

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How to be blissful even at your workplace ?

  When We Were A Child , We Never looked For Conclusion , We Just Chose To Be Happy Its All About Loving Without Discriminating : When you are at your highest state of bliss, you are loving , you are caring, you are unstoppable , you know why ?. Its possible because you have the realizatdion that you have the limitless capabilities to make you and your surrounding (ex. Workplace)blissful and congenial enough to deliver your best shot. So now when we know what it is required to be…

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Game Changing Tactics to be an Effective Leader

Leadership Skills for Effective People Management People Sitting at the Leadership position overloads themselves with the colossal burden of expectations, which sometimes can be daunting if they miss out on the fact that they are managing people not machine. But if they increase their level of conscious awareness they can easily offload the burdens which never existed in reality. So how the leaders at the top of the ladder should play the game of life, so that they change the whole myth of pressure, It needs some special skills which…

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The Power to Choose

The life can be summed up in Three alphabets  B, C ,D where B stands for Birth  D stands for Death and the most powerful is the Middle one C which stands for Choice. Magical Word C: Have you ever noticed that you have no control over many things in your life still you are too much bothered about it. For an instance in which family you will be born , how good or bad looking you are or for that matter when you are a student, you have already…

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Where are your loved One’s ? Are they safe and secure ?

  www.locatemap.inWith this changing lifestyle and rise of expectations from everywhere we seldom get some valuable time to spend with our friends and family who are close to our heart. We are worried about their whereabouts , their health, their  locations. We value our  family relations a lot and that’s why we want to be in touch with them always. So whats the solution , Facebook or Whats-app not at all , they are a public social network , there is nothing personal about it. You are forced to be…

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