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Don’t Simply Exist On This Earth, Have One Great Purpose & Chase It Till Your Last Possible Breath.

You must have read or heard many inspiring stories of our Charismatic Leaders Like Mahatma GandhiNelson Mandela and some of the greatest business leaders like Steve Jobs, Jeff BezosJack MaElon MuskAnny Mulcahy and many more, what is common in all of them is that they are unbelievably consistent & are supremely driven by a purpose.

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative

-Oscar Wilde

Don’t simply do things for the sake of doing you have to have a purpose, that one great reason for which you can spend hours without falling asleep, and when you back the purpose with strong consistency you give yourself all the chance to excel in your field.

What Is Consistency, Why You Should Bother About It ?

Consistency is mostly referred to as sticking to something in a steadfast way. It is a pattern of human behavior, which holds the most important place in every sphere of life. It helps you succeed and shine with flying colors.

You want to be a great computer programmer or a great medical practitioner, or a supreme athlete, one thing which you need to practice a lot is how to be consistent in your task. To master the art of being excellent requires you to sharpen your skills on a consistent basis. A small success should not stop you to improve, instead you need to work harder, if you want to continuously remain at the top of your business you need to invest yourself in being consistent with your input.

An Example Worth Following :

Virat Kohli India’s Ace Cricketer is Breaking all records in cricket and has made a remarkable name for himself in such a short period of time, you know why he has been able to achieve this feat, it’s his sheer consistency and grit to improve with time which has made him so successful as a cricket. Every time he comes out in the field, he scores and his fire to perform never fades out. He constantly work hard to maintain his fitness so that he can perform at his peak.

Virat Says:

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Have A Lifelong Purpose And Be Consistent To Achieve It:

Are you planning to do your own startup or take your existing business to greater heights or excel in your profession ? Do one thing, write down your Lifelong purpose which you want to live for, in bold letters and keep it always in-front of your eyes. If you can carry it digitally try to always revisit it & keep reminding yourself about why you are doing what you are doing? Having defined your purpose now complement it with your consistency . Your approach should not be short-term instead have a long term vision and work hard everyday to learn the art which will make you an inch better everyday.

See yourself in the mirror and ask Are you becoming a better version of yourself. If the answer is no, go back to work and improve.

Great business leaders have their own share of challenges, but their approach to tackle it is inspired by their purpose to do so. They have a clear cut agenda and they pursue it with great consistency, with a long-term vision in place they set small small milestones and work on it without failing. They understand this mantra — 

Do small things in a great way, but with purposeful consistency


Being a hustler and a father of Mobibit one thing which has clearly helped me to continue doing what i am doing is “Consistency & Perseverance” and i have a clear conviction that if i can keep improving and polishing myself as an individual I will be able to shape my fellow members life in much better way, which will eventually push me closer to my desired goal & lifelong purpose, of being useful to everyone who comes in touch with me in my small journey. My purpose will be materialized and i will leave this world as a blissful soul.

So will sign-off for now with a thought:

Every action in your life has to be done with meaningful purpose and that very purpose will make your life worth living.

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