How The Workplace Should Be ?

Let me start with a food for thought

I see workplace as a place, where the head is held high and the mind is without fear

As our life revolves around work and we spend lot of our time in a workplace where you get the opportunity to learn and earn, so it becomes really important that we take responsibility to create such an environment around us where we attain our highest possibility of delivering our task with greater accountability and integrity. Having said that it also becomes relevant for the leaders/owners of the business or workplace to actively participate with their peers and be invested with them to give a platform where everyone can be at their best and delegate their task without the cloud of doubt and fear.

Here i am listing Top 5 Characteristics of a Great Workplace which is purely based on my learning and experience. Hope it resonate well with all you lovely leaders out there and makes some sense.

1. Inclusive :

A great workplace endorses an inclusive environment. Everyone feels an important part of the common vision which they are working towards. Leaders make sure they are listening to everyones viewpoint while making their work strategy and delegating the responsibility with utter clarity.

I feel :

Great Companies often listen well before communicating things across to all the stakeholders.

2. Rewarding : Growth & learning

Work Happiness Stats By Gallup & Oswald

If you are complimented for your effort you feel inspired and happy. Great organization create a culture which rewards your efforts and makes you feel special. Leaders of an organization makes sure that they are providing right kind of training and learning environment to further hone their team member skills and prepare them for future. If an organization prepares their team team for the future opportunity and keep them updated , it will grow right and will scale for sure.

3. Communication & Collaboration

Awesome workplace is free of chaos, people involved are well communicated about their works and responsibilities. Also it encourages transparency where everyone is well informed about the expectations and challenges of an organization. Great workplaces endorses a constructive feedback system where everyone is heard and feels engaged in the process of achieving short-term and long term goals.

Leaders Collaborate with everyone and make sure task is done with the right intent & spirit. Great organization fosters a culture where everyone participate and collaborate to share both success and failure together. They encourage team members to accept each other for both their strength and weakness, leading to a strong binding among each others.

I feel :

If you can communicate it right , right things will happen to you

4. Respect for each other :

An organization with a culture of equanimity and respect for each others as an individual fosters great work environment. Workplace should be a place where everyone feels important and motivated enough to exercise their work irrespective of their skills or gender.

How You Treat People Will Decide How Long You will Sustain & Survive

5. Fearless Place : No Stress No fear

Stats on Stress By Statista (2016)

Ideal workplace encourages people to delegate their task fearlessly & in a stress-free manner. Any workplace where leaders & decision makers tells their team players to go out and perform and back them irrespective of the outcome is bound to grow . Everyone likes to work in an environment full of opportunity & challenges and if they know that while they are battling it out to reach the desired goals, they have the leadership backing and confidence, they will perform at their full potential.

I feel :

A place where people are free from fear is a place to stay

Summary :

Being a business leader or entrepreneur of a startups one thing which should be in your priority list is to create a workplace where everyone feels included and special. Organization where everyone feels heard and is rewarded for their effort, gives a great platform to everyone around to be at their supreme best. If organization can invest more on building inclusive work environment, everyone will agree to collaborate with unanimous consensus to foster organizational growth beyond their individual growth.

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