How To Come Out Of Entrepreneurship Blackhole ?

You took the plunge, you risked your life’s comfort, you risked your personal & social life and now here you are, standing naked facing the harsh reality of being an entrepreneur completely penniless, debt-ridden, having no clue whatsoever what to do in the very next moment. Are you going through this extreme painful feeling in this very moment while reading my article? Let me tell you the truth even I have faced this situation many times in my 6 years of entrepreneurial stint.

I can understand what it feels like being in this tough moment. It is not at all easy, it is extremely painful. Then what is the solution? How can someone come out of this deadlock? Is what I want to share with all my fellow brave-hearts who dared to try and also want to hear your side of the story so that someone can really get an answer which can change their life in a big way.

Is There A Way Out ?

Yes, there is a way out, first of all it is very important that you understand, you have not committed any crime by starting your own business, it is ok to fail. You can only learn by failing, so first you need to back up yourself that you have done the right thing by starting up.

You Need To Ask For Guidance or Seek Help :

It is highly recommended that in this moment of uncertainty you need to speak up, you can’t fight alone without sharing your agony. You have to muster this courage of sharing your side of the story, without any fear whatsoever and go to someone whom you can trust or whom you have looked up in all your good & bad moments. S/He can be your friend, mentor, parents, brother or any close relative, but you need to ask for their help or guidance.

It always happens so, that in testing situations, you don’t get the right clarity and you miss any possible window of solution which can get unlocked by seeking the third person perspective.

So go and talk, share your problems openly asking for any kind of help, so what if you don’t get the right solution, at least you will have something to pick from your conversation which can give you some direction to move on.

Until one asks for the help it seldom comes. Even for your problems, you need to act and seek.

Be Realistic- Go Back To Job If Required

You need to go deep into the source of all your problems, is it your skill issue, is it you, being over optimistic and ignoring the practical reality which is making your life a hell like. You need to be realistic with yourself to actually get the right kind of perspective to see the things as it is. Startup founders sometimes don’t know how to manage the financial crunch by trimming down all the stuff which is not required. You need to cut down the cost to the level which gives you enough breathing space to come up with the required solution to this emergency situation.

But we find it hard sometimes and want to continue with the hope that things will improve. But this is not the case always. I am not saying that you shut down completely, why not you go lean and then seize the opportunity to bounce back stronger. It is ok to take a break for few months to re-plan everything. Even you can consider going back to corporate life as an employee which can give you enough oxygen to replant your startup and new learnings

It is not the question of being guilty, it is the question of survival, which needs to be ensured so that you can have the way forward. So that you can get enough fuel and time in your kitty to make a bigger comeback. The experiences you had while building your startup is valuable, it will help you to be better prepared for the next inning.

Nobody Cares So Stop Thinking About What Others Will Say

Yes, people will make fun of you, they will label you as a loser, but remember that they never had the balls to do or even try what you have done so far, so stop bothering about those people, practically they are are least concerned about you and your business. We over think and create walls for ourselves, which is not real and it needs to be broken at any cost. You need to come out of this rut feeling and do what you feel right for you.

Do take opinions, Yes, there are a few gem of a person, who cares and you should definitely seek their help and they are the one who will not abandon you, they will encourage you, yes they can even scold you but only for your betterment. I feel, you somewhere from inside, already know who are those people who are concerned. So you should go to them pour your heart, feel relaxed and you may end up finding some answers for your blank situation.

Buy Out Some time, If Your Financial Situation Becomes A Mess- See If Someone Can Help

It can happen that you have multiple bills to pay and the pressure is mounting from everywhere, In this moment you really need to act smart and buy out some valuable time by clearly putting your case forward. If you are honest, you may get some support in terms of quick finance or can buy out the crucial time to pay back your pending dues. It is easier said than done, but until you speak the truth you may not be able to troubleshoot.

I have experienced that,

There is always a solution if you are honest enough to accept the reality and act accordingly.

It is not at all bad to knock every possible door to get some quick financial help. It very often happens that someone becomes your true angel and pulls you out temporarily from your financial crunch so give you the leverage of time to plan and pay back. So instead of banging your head with yourself go out, be brave enough to ask

Not Everything Is Lost:

No matter how bad the your current life looks life, remember you are still a life which has immense possibility to thrive. So respect what you have in this very moment, you are alive is in itself a gift, not everything is lost yet, you are still healthy, you are breathing and you have wonderful friends, and family members who care for you.

So don’t lose hope, take some step backward, spend some quality time introspecting, seeking opinions, engaging yourself with life and get back your lost confidence and start again. You will come out and come out strong believe me. I have been through this extreme situation myself and every time I managed to bounce back when it seemed extremely impossible to move forward


In this very moment again I am stuck, where my startup is into deep trouble,gone bankrupt, but here I am sharing my side of the story with my head holding high and with an intent to inspire and spark the same hope to help someone who are experiencing the same. Let’s talk to each other and who knows we can help each other out in this moment of need.

Again I am tied down , Again there is a hope,

Again the mountain is too steep, and I am climbing with the rope.

Ending this piece with a message:

“Always remember that there is someone far or near, who is listening and will always come to your rescue if you have the courage to be true to yourself ”

Pramod Chandrayan

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