Life is a game and you are the player

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Let me present a quick picture of what is life :

As per my observation and from what i have experienced without any doubt i can claim that Life is a GAME and you have been sent on this holy earth to play . Now it’s upon you how you want to play the game. You are a player, you have to set your rules , you have to set the purpose of playing , you have to judge the outcome and face the result with your intelligence.Some may play this game to win some may play to loose . But there is a twist why i play this game.It’s simple you are here to play and have fun without thinking too much about winning or loosing , without attaching oneself with the result one can remain blissful lifelong

Choosing your game :

Life gives you choices , you can choose right or wrong way to play this valuable game of your life. Choosing what you want is the first step when you make a wise decision of your life , but to remain in this battle you have to play.

Why you want to play ? :

But how you are going to play and what will be the outcome totally depends upon one thing WHY . Why you want to play this game . You need to question yourself , you have to take a pause instead of making quick choice, you have to ask this question many time until you are very clear why you want to choose this game . once this is clear you can easily move on to decode where and how to play this life game.

Who is going to be third umpire for this life game ?

Well since you are the player , int his cruel game of life how are you playing whether its a wide ball(wrong) or a Yorker(right) has to be judged by you only. After every ball which you throw you have to talk to yourself while going back to your bowling mark am i playing it right or wrong. Its your mind intelligence, which has to be applied before delivering that will set the tone for right or wrong way of playing.Also what goal have you set and with what mindset you are playing also plays a key role how you will play this game of life. So you are your own third umpire who has to judge his every move in this awesome game of life which is full of excitement , opportunity , evil and good.

What we mean by a Good & Bad life

In my opinion life was created just to be accept it as it is , its us the player who started to create this tag of Good or Bad game(life). We started judging this game of life with the result it produced. So if player doesn’t got the intended result they take it as a bad outcome. Yes i accept if life is a game somebody has to win and somebody has to loose. But remember here you are a player first your karma is to play. If you are sure you have choose a right game then simply play, result will definitely change.Be your own judge , play on your strength and learn to improvise on your weakness , it simply about learning and about how hard you want to win . Also player has to understand that opponent is also here to play this game so battle is going to tough , focus on each step you take to play this game , enjoy you every bit of energy being spent , taste the hardship, give out what you have while fighting out this life battle , start enjoying your losses and respect yourself for what you have done to fight this brutal life game. Once you start accepting the game as they are you will always be a winner. Loosing or winning will not sit on your head you will be liberated of this burden of always proving to somebody. When you stop being your own critique thats when this tag of bad or good game(life )no more exist for you.

Winning or loosing this game ?

Why are you playing this game ? what is that one thing which you will get if you win this deceptive game of life ?.What are you fighting for ?. Obviously everybody wants to be a winner. But before you go into this burning desire of winning lets have a clear understanding of what actually winning is ?.Well It all depends upon how we see this charismatic word. For some winning is having lot of name , for some it is about having loads of money, bla bla….., But in reality all this is actually not a true reason to win.In my opinion, real winning is how we feel after playing every game which we choose ourself to play for. Money , home , car this all may make you look powerful and rich but, it will not guarantee you a life which is free from stress & fear. And if you are stressed out, not satisfied with what you have got & fear of loosing it ,you will always be looser. Winning is always about playing the game fearlessly. Winning is an ecstatic feeling where you know that as a player you have made a decent contribution to this game where you kept on playing accepting the win and loss equally. Winning is a romantic feeling where you are completely lost and not for a one second you fear of loosing anything.

In nutshell

As a player keep playing this wonderful game of life , experience whatever comes , learn from every moment , live every moment as it comes, in the way you will loose and win also, when you loose increase your learning & when you win again learn to be humble.Mark this word, when you will be playing your last inning of your life(game) and when it will be your last delivery which you will be throwing or facing at , a pure voice will come from your inside(heart) asking you a last question of your wonderful journey.”Are you happy…… ?” Answer should be a LOUD one “YES………….I am…”.

Life is an experience which starts with you and ends with you

Pramod Chandrayan

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