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After a decade old experience of being into technology services and product development arena one lessons which I have learned is that

“It is not about what you deliver, it is about how you do it and what value you create for your clients, is what matters the most

This has been my profound learning so far that you need to serve value not a service and if that value helps your client attain what they wanted to they will always serve you better than you expected.

How you make them feel with your service will remain forever with them and that will be your true asset which will help you grow

What Do I Mean By Serving Values?

Let me quote one true story from my own life :

I have always been lazy when it comes to getting my bike get serviced. Suddenly few days back my bike refused to start even though fuel was sufficient. It has not been oiled and cleaned for 14 months, end result it failed to move started teasing me. My bike wanted a service, luckily in my society where I live, if found Sivu(Name changed) he was servicing the neighbor’s vehicle, he saw me struggling with my bike and came nearby to ask if he can help, in that moment it was like i have found a gold. He took half an hour to do some quick fixes and my bike started, He told me that it needs full fledged overhauling and if ignored it can become an expensive affair later on. He can give me doorstep service to help me save my time.

I was so elated to find him right when I needed. I asked him to come for a tea so that I can know more about him. We sat for a tea and started to converse, to find that he is multi-talented, he can do plumbing, electrical repairing, bike fixing and many more things. He offered me to give a complete bike servicing where he will himself do an audit of the bike and do all what is needful. He came to the home one day while I was in the office, purchased all the stuffs which was required, informed me the same and when I came back home in the evening, my bike was standing, well groomed, clutch , brakes, spark plug, headlights, all parts were fixed, fully ready to hit the roads again. Also, I came to know from my wife that he has fixed one of our mixer juicer which was not working.

It was his desire to serve well, which made him one of the most sought after man in the society and he always earned more than what he asked for his services offered. Here Sivu has not only served his services he has created a value proposition for his customers by going the extra mile to understand their problems and offering the services right at their doorstep, sometimes at his own cost to make them feel comfortable, in return he has always earned more money and also the respect. Most importantly, he has got the repetitive clients for long term, who also refer his services to many of their friends and relatives.



If we entrepreneurs can learn how to make our clients or customer’s life easier by not only delivering better services, but by customizing it to their customers need so that they can serve their own customers well, we will always create a win-win proposition for all.There all multiple things which we can offer around our services which we don’t always need to charge but that small attuning wins your client’s heart. It adds value to their life, their product and they feel happy about getting that extra bit of attention and care, to feel well served.

So next time you serve your client make sure you understand their problems really well and offer more than what they expect. You are going to retain them for a longer period of time and will be way ahead from your competitors.

Pramod Chandrayan

Founder & CEO (Mobibit Soft (P) Ltd) | Mobile App Development Consultant | Startup Mentor | Spiritual Seeker

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