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To Act Is To Win:

I have been lucky to start early and learn all hard stuff which are a kind of helping me now to build my business for the long run. It has only been made possible because i thought less, took the risk and focussed more on doing things, yes, there has been many failures on the way, but all this never puts me into any negative zone instead they are my fuels which keeps me going. The key is to see that you are acting fast and not wasting too much time over-thinking.

Speed Is The King & Will Matter :


Do you know how much time we simply let slip through planning in our mind and never make it actionable. Shitty stuffs likes bitching, blaming , overdoing social media stuff and other stuffs like this has taken over your ingenious brain and slowing you down like hell, stopping you achieve the impossible which everyone of you who is reading this piece of article are fully capable of .So friends specially in their 20’s, if i have to put across one single-most valuable advice that would kind of put you on a right track, would be “SPEED”. It’s a really powerful tool if you can embed this in your day-2-day activity you can get an edge over others and win often. There is no point pondering like what if it doesn’t work, speed-up and act first then only you can have the realization that you were fool fearing the stuff which has not happened yet.

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It’s Ok If You Cross The Speed Limit & Fail:

Yes, when you act fast, it’s probable that you may encounter your failure too fast. But that should really put you in the right gear to learn fast and act more wisely. Having said that going fast is the key, i also want to say that things will take its own time to mature and success will not happen overnight, going fast will not guarantee quick result, instead it will help you to be more realistic and learn the tricks fast. Success will only come when you have a long-term vision and you more often act fast to reach closer to your goals.

Signing-off with a food for thought :

Speed will make sure you are acting fast, but practicing and learning will put you in a driver seat to help you have a smooth journey ahead.

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