The Power to Choose


The life can be summed up in Three alphabets  B, C ,D where B stands for Birth  D stands for Death and the most powerful is the Middle one C which stands for Choice.

Magical Word C:

Have you ever noticed that you have no control over many things in your life still you are too much bothered about it. For an instance in which family you will be born , how good or bad looking you are or for that matter when you are a student, you have already given your examination and waiting for results, can you do anything about the result or  for your action which you have already delivered , No then why is it so that we are very much bogged down by the things which you can’t control or do anything about. Do we have any control over our but obvious death certainly not then what is the point crying yelling all the time about something which is out of our control . Then what to do ?, well there is certainty a way out , choose this one letter magical word C= Choice. You may not have a control over your birth or death but certainly you can choose how you are going to live your life. You can choose to live it miserably or wonderfully well . You can choose to be you or live your life the way others want you to live.

How you are gong to harness the power of choosing ?

If you know that you have control over how you are going to live the given life obviously you will choose to live happily. Nobody wants to live miserably right , then why is it that 90 % time our faces are long , always anxious and worried , it’s simply because we expect this material world to behave the way we want again trying to control the thing which is not yours and you have no control over. So what is the solution its simple and straight forward Change the things which is yours and change yourself from within, It’s you who are worried about others good or bad , its you who is stressed out for bad job , financial loss , bad relations, can you do anything about the others whom you hold responsible for your good or bad experiences certainly not, but one thing is for sure you are going to live happily if you choose to change your action , thought and are willing to change from within.

A story of being reflective(change from within) :-

There was a man who bought a really expensive brand new luxury car Lamborghini and was driving on a highway with utter pleasure suddenly one stone came from nowhere and smashed the car windshield head on. The windshield broke and guess what so was his heart. He got really furious and lost his mind thinking about his newly bought car , ho got out of the car to see two boys claded badly one was holding a wheel chair and one was lying down in a bad health and was handicapped . this man came near to the boy who was near the wheel chair and shouted at him saying can’t you see the car , you smashed it throwing a stone do you know how costly it is do you have any idea what it takes to have this car , this boy responded to the threatening reaction of an insane man and told  , I am howling and pleading since last one hour asking help from every passing by car owners and people on the high way , to help me in holding up my weak brother and place him into the wheel chair , i am out of energy  due to bad health and no food , helpless to lift him and carry him to the wheel chair , but nobody turned up to help me out , i found it strange and when no other option was left to stop and catch the attention of the people for help , i decided to use this stone and unluckily it happened to be you and your car which became the victim. I was helpless and i am extremely sorry to take this step , guess what the man who was so furious as if he will kill this boy suddenly went peaceful and lend him his hand to lift and carry his brother to the wheel chair and offered him some money to get some food and medicine. He changed from within and he became reflective instead. He was ecstatic and feeling complete and for that moment he forgot the pain of  his cracked windshield , he chose to live , he chose to live happily.

There is one quote from great Winston Churchill

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.


For Entrepreneurs(Choose not to Give up):

The life of this breed which i call an entrepreneurs are mostly surrounded by this powerful one letter C.  When they took a plunge in their life they made their decision to test the untested waters not by force but by choice.,If it is by force its not entrepreneurship. The life is a perfect mix of good and bad situation , everybody has to face this reality but for people who wants to brings a change not only for themselves but for others , only and only choose to be happy and make life happen. Entrepreneurs need to be responding not reactive to circumstances , very often situation become a mess if we start reacting instead of responding intelligently. Have you seen how easily somebody can take a control of you if you start reacting to his /her tantrums but if you choose to respond the situation changes dramatically.

There will be a time when us being an entrepreneurs have to make difficult choices , there will be moments which must be daunting and forcing you to step back , there will be a situation when you will be gripped by mysterious problems and don’t know what to do, how to react , still you have one thing which is yours and which you can confidentiality rely upon to make things happen , and now you know what i am talking about , yes it’s a CHOICE. You can choose not to GIVE UP. Never ever give up , simply stay there . Entrepreneurs are driven by conviction , passion to pursue their most cherished dream , they choose whatever has to be done to make it a reality in a positive way though. They choose simply to keep walking no matter what.

Choose to be Happy choose to serve:

The most priceless gift which you can give to yourself and also to other living being is HAPPINESS.

And how to do that , simply by serving , by giving. If you want to understand the value of your life and want to leverage the power of choosing , always choose to lend your hands to others in whatever capacity you can. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor one is everybody needs love and compassion to be shared to make their live meaningful and happy. Luxurious car , big house can only bring pleasure , don’t replace it with life , it can’t . Let me share one story there was a friend of mine who recently bought one grand house and invited me for an inauguration of his house. I went he was happy but not really , he wanted me to stay late night , i asked him why he just can’t speak but i understood his pain and stayed there . In the night while walking down the park he started crying and i simply can’t understand why , he bought a grand house recently then why is it that he is not happy , he opened up little bit after my constant query and shared that how badly he misses his spouse who is no more living with him and also his little kid who too went with his spouse. He feels lonely in this big house and he wants her to be back and make his life complete. The point here i am trying to make is that  its good to have the things for living and pleasure but it’s must to have a life , a choice to live happily no matter where and how the situation is. You need to have people around you to share your moments of happiness they cannot be replaced by material things .

So Stop valuing things value relations value people. Choose to serve people in their good’s and bad’s and same will get back to you.

So try not to control try to be receptive  , you have a power of choice with you to make.  B & D will happen as it happens but how you choose to live is certainly going to make an impact on this wonderful bouquet of life.

Choose to serve choose to be happy




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