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As per GSMA report , the number of mobile subscribers in India will cross 500 million this year . The pace with which this numbers are adding up, India will be the fastest growing mobile first population by coming 5 years. GSMA forecasts that India will have three-quarters of a billion mobile subscribers by 2020 as mobile phones get into the hands of more than half the population.That’s the brighter side of the game which fascinates us a lot but there is one more important aspect which GSMA has brought

Only 36 percent of the country’s population has a mobile phone, compared to the global average of 50 percent

Lets talk about the remaining Pie of 64 % and dissect these numbers to explore the opportunity and the challenges in connecting those to the growing league of population who are called the smart generation connected with smartphone.There lies an opportunity in adversity and it goes well with this stat. Being an optimist technologist i would like the reaming 64% also to be a part of this connected population, though it seems challenging but considering the digital India initiative i can see there is a lot of headroom for faster growth in this mobile connected population in coming years ahead.

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Major population of mobile subscribers are still on 2G Network

Even though Indian mobile operators have rolled out 3G internet services in almost all the major states still only 11% of the mobile connection are 3G enabled and that’s a bigger challenge to bring the remaining 89 % of the mobile subscribers to 3G network . Considering large part of those mobile subscribers are living in remote areas this becomes even more challenging.

Alasdair Grant, Head of Asia, GSMA feels As the ecosystem moves from just voice and data to a full fledged digital economy, in which mobile internet is the fundamental platform for delivery of services , the concern is that the people who are still on 2G will not be able to participate in this economy,”

So strategy for smooth transformation from 2G network to 3G for the mobile users is a must and for that Indian mobile operators and govt agency has to work transparently with clear policy in place . They have to work for empowering users not empowering themselves, doing so will generate revenue for both stakeholders and also enable a greater opportunity for the mobile user too.

Remember the more you share the power the more powerful you become


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Solution –

The Indian govt has to work closely with private and public , national and international players who are responsible for providing Internet services to the population to transform the country into a digitally powered society and economy, ensuring high-quality, widely available and affordable mobile broadband . The penetration of internet specially into the remote area where population do have a mobile phone but they are not so privileged to be connected to the world over the internet, must be the highest priority for the stakeholders and policymakers. Digital India mission should frame the policy which covers the rural population which are yet to experience the mobile and PPP model has to work with selfless intention to connect those bigger pie and bring them into the privileged league. Enable and empower them also to be a part of digitally connected world economy where they can share photos , transfer money , book bus and trains over the phone ans most importantly make all the information accessible to them which are relevant to their daily earnings so that they can earn more and have larger participation in economic growth of the country.

As per CTO GSMA, Doing this will require a regulatory framework and approach to spectrum that encourages investment and innovation.

Empowering the remaining 64%

This not yet connected generation which drives our economy in larger way through their conventional wisdom if empowered with internet ready mobile phones our country will not only be the fastest growing mobile first population , but also it will be fastest growing economy which generates lots of opportunity for other growing world economies to invest in India and ensure they are doubling and tripping their currency. Any country which is going to be at the center-stage driving the world will be INDIA considering the potential our connected youth will showcase by this small yet extremely powerful tool called Mobile.

We need to be more inclusive and if we can think of connecting the 100% of our population to this information age we will be simply “UNSTOPPABLE

Digital India Needs to add to this remaining digit of 64% . This Remaining should be a strong reason to do more and achieve more.

To be continued…..


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