What It Takes To Be Truly Fearless ?

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I Have Experienced That :

To Be Truly Fearless You Need To Act Responsibly Based on What You Know And Be Wise Enough To Learn What You Don’t

A Story To Begin:

Once there was a man Called “Shrivats” who decided to win over his fear and to attain to that state he decided to go to the jungle where lived deadly wild animals. He decided to build his small cottage right in between where these precarious wild animals used to wander around quite frequently. He built his abode and started to live there. He never got distracted by the roaring sounds of lions or other animals, he simply sat unmoved whenever they came near to him, even when the poisonous snakes used to wrangle him around, he remained standstill with no expression of fear. It became a play for him to live around them, slowly this very act of fearlessness caught attention of the nearby villagers and they started to preach him as they found him the real man with some extraordinary power.

One day one sage decided to meet this fearless soul with a curiosity to know how one can attain this state of absolute fearlessness. He visited to his cottage to find him sitting naked on the rock which was nearby to his abode. He went to him and out of excitement and sheer curiosity & asked, Can i ask one question to you ? Shrivats responded why not, dear, go ahead ! The sage asked How can I find the Almighty? Shrivats responded with a subtle smile on his face, to find the God You need to be absolutely fearless and only then you can attain to the state where you can discover the almighty.

Suddenly a monstrous lion popped out of the blue and started to roar strongly standing right behind Shrivats. The Sage got terrified trembled with fear and started to sweat. Seeing this Shrivats laughed and spoke, for a sage like you, it is not right to be feared and sweating. Sage in that moment of fear requested Shrivats to offer him some water so that he can regain his energy and run out of the jungle to safeguard himself. Shrivats decided to go inside his cottage to pick some water for the sage, in that very moment Sage picked up the white chalk and wrote some holy religious mantra on the rock on which Shrivats used to sit and meditate. As Shrivats came back with a bowl full of water and was about to climb the rock with his feet, he suddenly pulled back and fell down seeing the holy mantra inscribed on the rock. Sage laughed back at him and said, I thought you are an absolute fearless man. But the truth is that Even you are not truly fearless, You fear of God, you feel it is disrespecting to put your feet on the words and fear that The God will punish you for that. I am sorry, but you are not truly liberated and far way from being the enlightened soul.

What Is The Point I Am Trying To Make ?

With the story, it is quite clear that if you need to win over your fear you have to do it at your psychological level, at your mental level . You fear of fire is normal and you need to be wise enough to protect yourself otherwise you will be a fool and can kill yourself. Being fearless doesn’t mean that you lose your mind to prove yourself brave and put yourself in a dangerous position and play with your life. The True, fearless state is a state where you liberate yourself from the belief system and live in reality. You need to get rid of those crappy religious beliefs which tells you that if you forget to bow your head down in front of any temple passing by, you may get into trouble, that fear is unrealistic and impractical.

There is nothing wrong in preaching the creator, but it is a foolish practice to believe that he may get angry if you missed to offer him a prayer. This psychological fear/drama of your mind has to be mastered and you need to first win over your false belief system which has been being taught to you from centuries. Until you get rid of this superstitious practices you will never be living the life in its true sense.

We Are Still Bonded ?

Even though we are the most advanced human generation of all time, but we are still not completely free from the false belief system which has chained us for centuries. We have been fed with wrong knowledge of false religious practices since ages and we don’t have the courage to break these shackles just because of the fear of being left out from the religious community. This bondage is so deep rooted that they put you in the fearful state. But if you truly want to make some impact in this life and really want to offer your gratitude to the creator for his blessings you need to understand that he exist, but not in the idols we humans have created, he can’t be present differently in different form and can’t exist in limited boundaries of religious places we have created.

When you are ignorant to the reality you can only kill yourself, medium may differ.

He doesn’t get happy with your offerings, whatever you offer in reality is a kind of business transaction which takes place in exchange of the services you have taken, no way your offerings are going to feed the almighty, it feeds those prophets and pundits who becomes your medium. It is not wrong that you have done something out of your faith, but it is wrong that you consider it a reality, when you accept this kind of practices to be true then things go extremely dangerous for you. This belief of yours that God exists in idols, That God may get angry if you missed to pray or bow down, that you need to do some special kind of Puja’s to get rid of your life’s trouble, that you need to wear some special kind of dress or pearls or metals, to be called a pure or similar practices like that, is absolute fallacy, which has strangled you to live.

It’s time that we free ourself from this bondage and live in reality, what you have not experienced need to be questioned and abolished completely from your day to day practices. Being born as a human our only duty is to take actions which is completely free from any kind of superstitious practices, our actions should be sourced from our practical knowledge of life which we have gained in the context we are living in. You can’t be ignorant to false practices and simply adopt it just because our forefathers and our parents have forced it on you. You need to put your filters and wisdom on, while taking actions.

For Entrepreneurs:

When it comes to taking any risk in real life, like starting any business of yours, it is required that you act not out of your fear, but out of your knowledge and understanding of how much money and resources will be required to do so and from where it will be sourced. If you have little bandwidth if not all, you need to act real and start small and try to find out some partner or investment on the way. Yes, you need to take action in this case and also have to acquire the skill-sets and resources to realize your dream. But if you believe that doing some rituals your requirements will be fulfilled you will be acting bind. Offer prayers if you feel doing so, but be wise enough to accept that it is not going to change your fate, you will have to act right to make your life work the way you want.

You have to move from being religious to be an accountable human being who takes responsibility of his life and makes it happen the way it was meant to be.

It is a fact that no old age rituals and practices have done anything wonderful for this world, It has been those authentic humans, those bravo’s, those visionary who risked their lives to learn and do something new, which has shaped this world to this immense scale. If they would have left the things to be done by the GOD this world would have never changed to this level. We have done terrible things also while we progressed, but atleast they are realistic and visible, which can be tackled but nothing considerable has been done to abolish this false belief system which has damaged silently and has no cure, untill we ourself understand that it not the truth & it has all been made up over the period of time intentionally to fool our mind.

Summary :

You need to get rid of your fears which is at your mental level, There is no other way out. If you don’t know swimming you can’t try your luck just to prove that you are fearless, you need to learn swimming and then only you can dive into the river with the confidence that you will cross it without any problem and if any emergency situation arises you can tackle it with the true knowledge you have learned. Physical fear is a reality if you find a lion the best action is to run away, but fearing that you may lose all your wealth or something can go wrong if you do not follow the religious practices is an absolute rubbish. It’s a garbage which you need to put into the dustbin right now, else you can never do justice to this life and will actually waste it completely.

If you have not experienced it, don’t believe it whatsoever. Structures, temples, idols have not done anything wrong by existing, you are at fault by accepting it as the whole truth, you are wrong, when you get dependent on the idols to solve your own issues which is your own making. You are wrong when you totally trust on others knowledge and wisdom without having gained one for yourself. So to be truly fearless is to act where you are in full control of it and have a true understanding that it works, because you have personally experienced it.

Disclaimer ! : It is completely my personal opinion which i have put across fearlessly, if it doesn’t resonate well with anybody please spare me for that.

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