Work : A Matter of Choice 

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Our entire life is an outcome of choices we make , so why not make it wisely and have your back on it.

Very often we come across this question in our life and i would like to help you out in decoding this dilemma with a small Story  :-

Peter (Fictional )used to be very unconventional about everything he does right from his childhood , when he was studying , he loved to escape and go hitch-hiking, long-road trip was a kind of fun for him , he was good at sports & adventure , average at studies , overall his life was nothing more than a dream run. As he was graduating he started planning for a kind of career he will have , he loved to travel & capture memories in his camcorder, so he always dreamed to be a travel blogger , but he was a kind of perplexed as under his family pressure he took to engineering graduation from reputed college , and his parents expected him to be a software engineer who would some someday get into big corporate job where his future will more stable & secure, well every parents dream so, so there was nothing wrong about it , but this was a quite daunting situation for Peter to decide upon , he has to make a choice between Happiness one for himself and one for his family which nurtured him to the level where he is now a grown up adult and can even chose.


Did he chose to be a travel blogger or a computer professional. Well It indeed was a difficult one , as he was grown up adult and he was supposed to be rational in his choice , he has an expectations to fulfil so what if it goes against him at-least he would not disappoint his beloved parents , but peter made a wise move , he took to a corporate job , but always kept his dream alive of capturing life , so he went to the company owner and spoke about his dream project , he told to Jack that he wants to build a Product which captures the life of travellers and shares their experience as an recommendations to the fellow travellers to help them plan their trip with all the information at their disposal & in-order to make their trip an awesome & hassle free this product will facilitate them to even book hotels at the location of their choice based on fellow travellers recommendations.

Peter’s Dream Project : Work which helped him find his purpose

Peter insisted to the Jack that he needs to do market Research before he can present the product plan in detail, Jack was kind of hooked seeing Peter’s passion for this idea and the energy which he radiated while presenting the case to him. He gave Peter a Nod to Kickstart , and his journey began. He travelled extensively observing keenly the fellow travellers , what they eat , where they hangout , what comforted them , what put them in tricky situations , what they spent money on etc etc .. He prepared the set of 200–300 questions which he asked and recorded the answers in his survey software which he specially built for that. With all the information at his disposal he came back to Jack with his presentation ready where he very diligently put all the product features based on his R&D and also how the product will be monetised in terms of business model. As he already had the details of 4–5K travellers which he collected by being a mate to them and engaging with them over existing social platform , he had all the data points to work upon his product. Jack gave thumbs up to the product idea , Product MVP was built based on market research and as it hit the market it did pretty well and from thereon Peter went on to become the Co-founder of the same product which he built for his Company. Currently Peters owns a chain of back-packers hostels & a travel portal where he shares his experiences and also the stories of the travellers who stays at his premium hostel , all of them are giving enough ROI to make his feel fulfilled.

Peter is now grown 40 and is semi-retired –

From his duties having enough fuel to live through his life & yes he has his own family with one daughter Bella . He made a conscious choice to enjoy the fruits of his ingenious work , so now he mentors other dreamers and supports them in building their own dream project by investing his time money & energy . He continues to live happily with his family & parents giving them sufficient love & care , also fathering a daughter , so yes he do have his challenges and sometimes he is emotionally drained , but he handles the situation based on his past experiences of handling the expectations & choices. He always ensures his decision is not made by force but by the choice he takes accountability for. Now he don’t have to chose between work or life , work-life balance is not a kind of bothering question for him , he understands that –

We have to work to make life happen and have to embrace life to make work happen. You can’t chose one and leave other out.

Message from the Peter’s Story :

It’s not about work being a boon or a burden , it’s about the choices you make while you take up the responsibilities of being human

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