What It Means To Be Truly Committed?

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I have very often experienced and have said-

True commitment is to be available to something without any if’s & but’s, to be available in your purest form. To be available as you are, ensuring you are acting to your fullest capabilities & leaving the outcome to take its own course. It’s a complete surrender.

What It Means To Be Truly Committed?

1. Accept Yourself

In order to be fully committed you have to first accept yourself in your true existence. You have to drop being someone or something else. You are already someone and so trying to be someone else is a pure fallacy.

Until you accept yourself you can’t discover, the very discovery starts once you accept what you are. When you stop being anything else beyond your existence, you attain to the truth and get’s enlightened. With this enlightenment you act just right, you act enough to discover, to explore and to harness your human potential to its fullest capabilities. You become committed first to yourself and then to the actions which you delegate without any strings attached.

Your pure commitment becomes your fruit and you start relishing it in all its forms & flavours, you fall in love with yourself and makes all your surroundings blissful and congenial for others to be happy.

2. Free From Expectations:

Being committed(samarpan) is only possible when you detach yourself from the outcome of your actions. Specially when you look for your expectations to be materialized by someone outside you, it is fine if you have expectations from you yourself until you are not punishing yourself if it doesn’t happen as you wanted, you need to be wise and understanding enough if things doesn’t shape up as you wanted it to be, because entire outcome is not all your making when you are delegating your duties in this world.

You need to be happy for performing your deeds with all your heart and if you do it with an intention to serve, you have done your best, rest has to be left in the hands of the creator & the given context to be decided. When you live this way your perception to see the things becomes more realistic, you no more live under the cloud cover of ego, you free yourself from the blame game and all your actions reflect your true commitment.

Your life finds its true meaning and its true expression when you act without any strings attached and commit yourself to make wise use of whatever you have at your disposal in the given situations. In this state of complete surrender, you are in complete control of all your emotions and perform at your highest peak as you are completely drained with bliss

3. Serving Selflessly:

Until your action is not done with an intent to serve others unconditionally, you can’t be committed in a true sense. The moment you expect any outcome that very act becomes impure and leads to conflict of interest. Is it realistic to act selflessly? Yes, it may sound difficult and not possible for normal humans, but for the truly enlightened being who cares only about the act and is liberated from the bonding of its outcome, it’s possible, as their whole intent is to serve than to be served.

It is their commitment to perform their act with a purpose which is beyond their own existence, they know no limitations and are more like a child at heart, who extracts pleasure merely by taking action with utter curiosity to learn. They are not at all concerned about what will their actions lead to.

When your intent is to serve you go beyond any limitations to perform at your peak, here your commitment level is at your supreme best and you become ecstatic from within.


It is normal to go wrong, but it is abnormal to dwell upon it, it is perfectly fine if you fail in your deed and it is great if you can develop this understanding that giving your best shot was all your making, it is easier said than done, but to be a truly successful and most importantly to be a great human being you need to accept you as you are, to act what you feel right, to be what you want to be and augment this all with a purpose to serve without expecting to be served. When you surrender and act your heart out, you become a realized being who is truly enlightened and fulfilled from within.

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