A Random Thought About Life’s 3 C’s Choice, Chance & Change!



No Filters, No Brainer, Simply Feelings, Being Poured Out:

“ You know what, our real failure lies in not valuing the time we have been bestowed with and in often taking it for granted. Don’t postpone things as there is no such tomorrow, now is the reality, live it to the fullest and see yourself entering tomorrow with no regret at all to live with. Time has a lot to teach you, but, you need to preach it and treat it as the most priceless asset you can ever have and see the magic of being alive in every moment as a true living being. “

If we really want to change something around us or about the world, we need to change our habit of starting late and ending late. Every second of being human has to be valued and invested in learning to make something happen.

We have all the potential to break the boundaries around us which we have built over the period of time and it needs to be broken if something new has to take birth inside us. We have to have our To-do List in place to walk through our entire day, yes it is not possible to plan 100% of our time as the life is more dynamic to be planned, but at-least we need to have our task cut-out so that we don’t go about it hayway.

Flow with life freely, fearlessly and confidently with your target clearly defined & purpose to live with. Be open to change and be ready to meet new people whom you may not feel comfortable in the first place to meet, but I can bet, the more you face them, more you will come to know about life. But if you prefer not to face challenges and explore new things you are wasting the great life you have been given to live.


You only lose when you have given up already in your mind without giving yourself a chance.

Time is available equally for every single human being alive, some make judicious use of it to change the course of their own & others life, do not simply exist waiting time to pass by and crawling through the life. I consider that you are blessed to be human, and you can’t simply live through, you have to have that fire, that desire to bring a change in the world you are living in . Yes, you can make your mark, you have all what is required to live like a champion. It all boils down to choices which you make in the moment.

Make your choices wisely as it will change your life the way you have chosen it to be.

Signing off with this beautiful quote from Zig Ziglar :


The series of Thought will continue….. And i will keep sharing as it comes across …

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