How Organizations Demotivates & Demoralize Their Employee, Which Leads To Lower Performance & Burnout?


Organisations small or big sometimes unknowingly(can be knowingly too) implements some management practices without assessing the outcome it will lead to. Very often it leads to employee burnouts and costs to the company hugely in term of productive outcome. According to one study, which Daniel Goleman mentioned in his book Working With Emotional Intelligence, which is a 20 year series of study, there is an enlightening insight based on feedbacks & interviews, about the ways companies are burning out their employees leading to their lower performance.

Let’s decode what this study has to say about the factors which is a kind of impacting the morale of the working class and eventually demoralizing and demotivating them. Any organization should learn from this study and should implant best protocols within an organizational unit, which is more a game enabler rather than being a game stopper.

Factors Leading To Burnout-

A. To Much Work Expected In Less Time & Resources: Work Overload

This is a global phenomenon across many organizations, due to peer pressure and stiff market competitions they are giving unrealistic targets to be accomplished to their workforce, eventually overloading them. They have not scaled their support systems to sustain this work requirement, instead they demand more to be delivered with less resources to support the same.

Leads & HOD’s are expected to manage the rising demand with less resources at their disposal leading them to feel overwhelming pressure, It exhausts them and a result in lower performance and a sense of insecurity within an organization.

Therefore, I Always Say :

System can never perform at its supreme efficiency if their people are treated more like a machine and less like a human being. Instead, they need to empower them to be super efficient by treating them well and giving time & resources to perform. Overloading Will Only Lead more downtime.

B. They Are Not Given The Required Autonomy To Decide:

It is a proven fact that when your mind is set free and is without fear you perform at your peak, but this power of autonomy is rarely given to the working executives & leaders, they have a set of accountability but very little say in how to go about their task. Micromanagement within an organization often leads to frustration & chaos. Manier times people have a better understanding of how to approach their work, but little freedom and rigid protocols cripples them and holds them back. This all results to lack of interest & innovation in their work.

Companies very often focus on their Topline & Bottomline and in doing so, they often forget to respect the freedom & feelings of the people who are working in between to make it possible.

C. Skimpy Rewards: Not Matching To the Amount to Effort Being Demanded


Hey Decisions Makers, How would you feel if you invest an effort worth $100 and you get $80 in returns would you be happy ? Obviously Disappointed Right ! Then how can you pay your workforce who are earning it for you .

Very often it is the case employees are paid very little for more work they deliver, to minimize the loss companies go for cost cutting, where jobs are cut down , wage freezes, work is outsourced and HR benefits like health coverage is taken away, it all leads to people insecurity and hampers the career growth for the workforce. When incentives are taken away people go weak emotionally and makes them less disinterested.

Too Much Workload combined with little freedom that too with job insecurity these all robs work of its intrinsic joy.

Soas an owner if you want to be in the business for long , you need to spend more on people’s wellbeing, give them the required autonomy , respect their effort, let them have their say, inclusion will encourage them to be involved and deliver more in less time. Cost cutting to improve financial books will seldom save you, but sharing and caring will definitely put you on a driver’s seat and eventually make money for all.

D . Feeling Isolated — Loss Of Connection:

When people working in an organization are put to churn out more than their capacity they find it difficult to sustain , in the pressure of performing they often gets disconnected with their team members. Their relationship with their peers which works like a glue to help teams perform at their peek are often gets disrupted due to unrealistic demands. This relationship fragmentation often lowers the commitment level to work within a group, that pleasure of working as a team erodes under work pressure. Resulting in a growing sense of alienation among them, which fuels conflicts, chaos and creates a roft between team members and management. This disconnect sometimes becomes irreparable and calls for the organization doom.

Any business to make some impact needs to make an impact first within their workplace and among their workforce. The inspired team can only lead to a greater outcome to help organization function as a stable and scalable unit.

E. Value Conflicts-

If there is any mismatch between individual’s core working principles and the amount of work being demanded, it may lead them to compromise with their work ethics & company values. They will often lie to sell more, skipping some standard work practices to satisfy the demands.Under the pressure they will ensure their survival in this vicious competition is taken care so they will adopt some immoral ways to attain to the extra demands, which ultimately will damage companies values & market reputation. Also, people will get guilt conscious, demoralized and will feel unworthy about themselves. Nobody wants to adopt to wrong practices knowingly, but are forced to compromise due to impractical work demands .


All the above practices within organization is really dangerous for its survival , it breeds chronic exhaustion, cynicism & lack of motivation, enthusiasm & productivity. Companies have to adopt best emotionally intelligent practices like

  1. Being inclusive in their work culture
  2. Foster appreciation for every valuable effort
  3. Equal & fair opportunity to all
  4. Treat people like humans and don’t ever burn them out with unrealistic work demands
  5. Create proper support systems to help them properly delegate & distribute their task.
  6. Give them power to decide about their work, autonomy fosters great achievement, so make them accountable but also trust them.

& Most Importantly

Treat them well and invest in their well being, don’t try to exploit without feeding them well. Emotionally intelligent companies will outcompete their peers to reap all kinds of benefits & in all kinds of market situation.

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