Where are your loved One’s ? Are they safe and secure ?

  www.locatemap.inWith this changing lifestyle and rise of expectations from everywhere we seldom get some valuable time to spend with our friends and family who are close to our heart. We are worried about their whereabouts , their health, their  locations. We value our  family relations a lot and that’s why we want to be in touch with them always. So whats the solution , Facebook or Whats-app not at all , they are a public social network , there is nothing personal about it. You are forced to be…

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startup image Blog Entrepreneur 

Startup – A Sustainable Business

Real Startup definition Few like minded intellectuals with a brilliant idea having great potential when come together and decide to get independent with the mission to bring changes in the life of human being through technology, innovation and unique problem solving approach,thats where the seed for a startup is ploughed.Paul Graham explains, a startup is a company designed to scale very quickly. It is this focus on growth unconstrained by geography which differentiates startups from small businesses. A restaurant in one town is not a startup, nor is a franchise…

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Impact of colors Blog 

Impact of Color in Product buying and app downlod

Color is the single most influential factor that decides whether or not a product will be sold or downloaded. Also how quickly product will run out of stock depends upon how its visually rich. Most of the researches made confirms the fact that 94% decision of purchasing something depends upon the color.Color can turn you up or can make you feel boring . Color controls the human emotions and so sometime we feel re-energized by some cool vibrant colors. It can make you happy .it can make you sad ,…

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