The Remaining 64% of Not Yet Connected

  As per GSMA report , the number of mobile subscribers in India will cross 500 million this year . The pace with which this numbers are adding up, India will be the fastest growing mobile first population by coming 5 years. GSMA forecasts that India will have three-quarters of a billion mobile subscribers by 2020 as mobile phones get into the hands of more than half the population.That’s the brighter side of the game which fascinates us a lot but there is one more important aspect which GSMA has brought Only…

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Impact of colors Blog 

Impact of Color in Product buying and app downlod

Color is the single most influential factor that decides whether or not a product will be sold or downloaded. Also how quickly product will run out of stock depends upon how its visually rich. Most of the researches made confirms the fact that 94% decision of purchasing something depends upon the color.Color can turn you up or can make you feel boring . Color controls the human emotions and so sometime we feel re-energized by some cool vibrant colors. It can make you happy .it can make you sad ,…

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