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The Darker Side of being a mobile app developer

  Bigger Picture – Well before going into the darker version of mobile app economy lets see into the brighter side of it.Today this tiny little powerhouse called mobile has completely changed the way people are connecting & sharing. Todays generation are talking less and chatting more, they prefer sending smiley’s instead of writing too much text, want things to happen in lightning fast speed. Trillions of data is being exchanged everyday through internet connected mobile phones and guess what ! the major stakeholders controlling for this huge data flow, are…

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Mindfull Intelligence of an Entrepreneur

Being Emotionally Intelligent Promotes Wellness in the Entrepreneur’s Day The Intensely Emotional Journey of an Entrepreneur The journey of an entrepreneur is an intensely emotional one. Most of what we see in the mass media about entrepreneurs focuses on the extreme success and related positive emotions enjoyed by a very small percentage of celebrity entrepreneurs. Those of us on the entrepreneurial journey know this coverage portrays just a very small part of what’s really a daily struggle. According to the Kauffman Foundation, “Entrepreneurs have been showcased, praised, and glorified—in books,…

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Life is a game and you are the player

Let me present a quick picture of what is life : As per my observation and from what i have experienced without any doubt i can claim that Life is a GAME and you have been sent on this holy earth to play . Now it’s upon you how you want to play the game. You are a player, you have to set your rules , you have to set the purpose of playing , you have to judge the outcome and face the result with your intelligence.Some may play…

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Startup – A Sustainable Business

Real Startup definition Few like minded intellectuals with a brilliant idea having great potential when come together and decide to get independent with the mission to bring changes in the life of human being through technology, innovation and unique problem solving approach,thats where the seed for a startup is ploughed.Paul Graham explains, a startup is a company designed to scale very quickly. It is this focus on growth unconstrained by geography which differentiates startups from small businesses. A restaurant in one town is not a startup, nor is a franchise…

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