Don’t Let Your Brain Function The Way Other Wants ?


What Is the Real Problem :

Our brain is being controlled by either other people or by the digital media (social media specially ) leaving us to kind of helpless situation where we have surrendered allowing it to control our brain space.So it is quite obvious that nothing worthy can be created when there is no space and time left for you to work on creating any valuable things for yourself. It is time that we declutter ourselves from this garbage and create a breathing space for our intellect to function at its supreme best. There is nothing wrong about using social media but letting it control your life is a kind of worrisome. It’s time we take charge of our life in our hand and function in a way where things start happening the way we want.

In this information age yes it is pretty difficult to avoid consuming it, but it doesn’t means by any sense that you allow this information to control your brain space and manipulate your thought process. You are being constantly bombarded with false information (not all information are false, but at large most of them are !) and we without any validation make our conclusion based on that info, which is a kind of leading us to all stress and suffering and crippling us to function to our full potential.

It’s good to know but it is in no way cool to know it all without taking charge of your own brain and allowing it consume with it’s filters on.

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Take charge Of Your Own Brain :

We were born with zero information , we knew nothing even we can’t speak. We learned from our surroundings and people around and picked up the language being spoken in our vicinity. We as a child questioned everything and then learnt it gradually. We allowed our brain to function as we wish it to function, when we felt like laughing we laughed , when felt like crying we cried there were limited cognitive filters controlling our emotions and actions. But now when we are growing up in this age of digital revolutions our brain has become dysfunctional and we no longer are in control of it to instruct. Our brain is being instructed by other people or information which we are not in a position to control.

So it’s time to get back to the old times and learn from the tools which our ancestors and sages has already left for us . If we have to ensure that our brain is functioning as we want, we have to learn to drop whatever garbage we have collected over the period of time and accept that all what we have known till date is just a piece of data which is not the reality. Bring yoga & meditation in to your daily routine and purify yourself . Introspect and inspect what you know and what you don’t know . Questions like a child, validate it with your wisdom and then consume information to the extent you want and be prepared to drop it .

I feel :

The true knowledge is knowing that you know nothing .

Conclusion :

It is great to be in this age where you have lots of tools and technology to make your life awesome and super efficient, but how we are employing those tools to enhance our life has to be controlled by us. Don’t allow the tools and technology to take charge of your actions instead act in a manner which controls them to function the way you want and live your life your way.

With this note i would like to sign- off with a food for thought

Nothing is good or bad but how we use it or consume it is going to decide the outcome.

Take Charge Of Your Life & Be Blissful Forever & Thanks For Reading

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