Where are your loved One’s ? Are they safe and secure ?


www.locatemap.infacebook banner 1With this changing lifestyle and rise of expectations from everywhere we seldom get some valuable time to spend with our friends and family who are close to our heart. We are worried about their whereabouts , their health, their  locations. We value our  family relations a lot and that’s why we want to be in touch with them always. So whats the solution , Facebook or Whats-app not at all , they are a public social network , there is nothing personal about it. You are forced to be in touch with many people who you seldom wants to talk or connect. Due to some personal or professional obligations you unwillingly remain in a network. When it comes to family it becomes highly personal matter,  you want to exchange locations , share your personal information , get instant connectivity , you wanna ensure they are safely commuting etc… . So here is an app to get you off from all your worries . Locate – a private social app where you chat, locate real time and engage at your will .
facebook banner 4 About this private social app “Locate” :-

It’s a high end friends and family finder app which helps to tracks your friends and relatives who have a GPS powered mobile phone based on you cellphone network tower & WiFi. With Locate app, you no longer have to worry about your daughter when she is out late nights, as long as she has a smartphone with this family locator app installed. Even in rains or storms, earthquakes or similar SOS situation, locate is your vigilante as long as you possess GPS on your cellphone. Make your smartphone a tool to safeguard your family.

playstore banner 2  Prominent Features :

  1. Private Group/Instant Chat
  2. Location sharing tool
  3. WRU – On demand location fetching
  4. 1-2-1 Chat
  5. Locate Circle – Feature Phone Location tracking specially for Non Smartphone User.
  6. Place Check-in
  7. Route Navigation to places and family members.
  8. SOS Safety feature- Press your phone’s power button 5-7 times and get help in case of emergency.
  9. Real time tracking.

check_in geofencing homescreen locationsharing nearbyplaces

Download and you will never regret .

Google Play Link – http://tinyurl.com/kxdjadv



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